Management 3.0 Brown-bag Sessions, External & Internal Workshops

With regular mini-workshops, you can build a network of collaboration within your company and build the habit of change management with your peers.

We understand that not every team member can take two or three days to attend a Management 3.0 course. That’s why we’re offering a flexible alternative that offers the same content as a regular in-person Management 3.0 course, but over the course of a more flexible leadership series with a different format and a strong emphasis on feedback loops.

This option is available for in-company workshops as well as for external groups that can commit to meeting monthly, weekly or whatever you decide.


What are the Benefits of Management 3.0 Brown-bag Sessions?

  • Have time to process the information, to go back and experiment with your team
  • Goal setting at the end of each brown-bag session
  • Starting each session sharing feedback, learning and follow up
  • Drilling down into one major theme a workshop
  • A focus on your company’s challenges and bounce ideas off your peers
  • Building a network within your company that will continue past the courses or a management network within your community
  • Promoting continuous innovation

The purpose of these sort of internal meetups and brown-bag sessions is to not only customize the schedules for your team, but also to customize the workshops with your team’s needs.

You provide the pizza. We provide the change management and employee engagement.

Our awesome Management 3.0 facilitators that are currently offering Brown-bag Sessions near you!


Important Note: If you want to become a facilitator, you have to to take the Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop. If you want to achieve this with the flexibility of the Brown-bag Series, you need to have completed these eight modules:

  1. Management & Leadership
  2. Complexity Thinking
  3. Motivation & Engagement
  4. Learning & Competence
  5. Delegation & Empowerment
  6. Values & Culture
  7. Growing Structure
  8. Success & Failure

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