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by Ralph van Roosmalen

I arrived home safely home, as did the rest of our team after our first team retreat with all of our Management 3.0 team members in one room. It was a great experience and besides having fun, we also had some excellent discussions about the future of Management 3.0 and Happy Melly.

Let’s first go back in time a few years when we had a Management 3.0 Facilitator’s retreat where we identified some issues that needed fixing.

In short:

  • Request for online learning was growing
  • You could only become a facilitator when you attended a two-day Management 3.0 Foundation workshop. But what if there was no workshop in your country?
  • We needed to incorporate the new materials into the new licensing model
  • We didn’t have enough reports about the user experience from organizations using Management 3.0
  • The market wanted certificates
  • The market also wanted accreditation of facilitators
  • Some facilitators had challenges in marketing and finding customers
  • There was not much interaction between facilitators

During this retreat we defined actions to improve the issues above. These actions resulted in some big improvements. For example:

  • We introduced the Certificate of Practice. Everyone can become a facilitator by getting the Certificate Of Practice.
  • We have completely renewed our courseware making it also module based
  • We are the only organization which is 100 percent transparent in sharing the ratings of facilitators publicly

However, we did not solve all of the issues. We still have some challenges:

#1: People are still asking which facilitators we recommend.

#2: We also had some bad experiences with facilitators who delivered workshops that were not as good as they thought it should be.

#3: The market is still asking for certificates 🙂 however, we still want good certificates, not bad ones

#4: We still lack reports discussing the experience of organizations using Management 3.0

#5: Marketing and finding customers is still tricky for some facilitators

#6: We will be offering more workshops this year, and also noticed that not all facilitators have the need to do workshops.

What to do to solve these challenges?

Good question, it won’t be easy but we also have a great team, and we are confident we can come up with good solutions that are also in the spirit of Management 3.0.

We are going to introduce a new level of facilitators and we’re going to call it Masters.

By moving from one level to multiple, everyone can get the service they need, at a price point that’s in line with the service they would like to have.

You will still have the current facilitator level and a new one in order for you to position yourself as a real Management 3.0 expert and in order to conduct new workshops and attract new customers for your work.

To become a Master, you will have to show other people specific skills and also show that you have applied Management 3.0 practices. When people ask in the future who we recommend it will be one our Masters (there will be a transition period and a lot of explanation as we roll this out, not to worry).

We are currently speaking with ICAgile and also Scrum.org about partnering with them for a certification program in order to expand Management 3.0 and get it out to an even broader audience.

We hope that our Masters will be able to collect more experience reports from organizations who use Management 3.0 so we can show even more how useful Management 3.0 is for organizations and individuals.

Furthermore, we have the idea to start organizing dedicated events, get people together who are interested in Modern Management and Happiness at Work.

Nadine joined our team as a marketer, which has already boosted our company’s marketing. Have you checked out our new website? We will also support the Masters and where possible facilitators, more in their marketing activities.

This is the plan for 2019 and in the next few months we will know if we are on the right track. Please don’t ask us for a lot of details, because we don’t have them yet. We’ll share more along the way while we develop the new program more specifically.

Photo: Patrick Perkins (Unsplash)

3 thoughts on "A Glimpse into the future of Management 3.0"

  • Paul says:

    A number of the challenges that had been surfaced previously and which have not yet been addressed will be quite welcome. My own observation is that western North America is vastly underserved. Those of us recognizing the value of Management 3.0 have no real avenue to pursue a Foundation Workshop. In my own case, Denver is closest and is still 2500km away and in another country.
    Speaking entirely selfishly, I’ll be looking forward to any proposed solutions for the identified challenge stated as, “what if there was no workshop in your country.” (in a country over 6000km from one side to the other, just because there may be workshops in “my country” doesn’t mean they’re anywhere close to me!). Good luck moving everything forward, I look forward to your progress!

  • Paulina Sánchez says:

    I think that certificates as the book says is not everything. Practices are the most important thing for me on all the theory of M3.0 I think it would be valuable to find a way to make the certificate through practice.

  • Ralph says:

    I agree with you. Practices are most important and the Certificate Of Practice is still there. However, some people also see value in knowledge certifications. Those people can do knowledge certification to assess their knowledge. It is also up to people themselves what they value.

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