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by Tony Huynh

It’s a mantra that we’ve been taught to practice throughout most of our lives. Being productive and putting our best foot forward are the key ingredients to career success. But what sets your work apart from other individuals and what does it mean to work hard?

The practice of “working hard” doesn’t fully capture the type of work you do, whether you are the owner of a startup or a budding associate at your new job. Nor does it outline the steps you need to take to ensure your happiness amid the long hours you put it at work.

Hard work is more than just the physical act of working, it involves having great control over your work output. You’re achieving your goals and generating results while keeping a balanced life and finding your own satisfaction. Hard work means working purposefully and happily.

So, what steps can you take to become a better hard worker?

Here are a few takeaways for you to find your maximum potential and motivation at work.

Create Meaning
While many people are physically working hard at their job, they don’t have that feeling of fulfilment when they wake up every morning. To get up and go into work everyday you need to find your own purpose for your work. Whether that’s to make the world a better place or to help people, your purpose has to be true to you. Working hard is half the battle. Your best output will come from something you have so much passion for that the idea of failing bears no meaning. Being able to meet that purpose on a daily basis will create happiness at work.

Work Smarter
Working hard means working smart. One of the easiest ways to work smarter is to change a few of your morning habits. Define a routine that helps recenter and jumpstart your morning, which can help you achieve your goals better throughout the day.

It’s also inevitable that you will encounter some form of stress as you work. Stress and exhaustion often lead to decreased motivation. To maintain your productivity, you’ll need to keep your head clear and flexible and allow it to adapt to any situation that occurs during the day.

While hard work is as psychological as it is physical, you should never neglect one for the other. To work hard, you’ll also need to be conscious of your health. Building up your body will give you the stamina and momentum to reach your goals. All it takes is a few simple actions to give your body a biological boost.

Most importantly, you should never neglect the time needed for yourself. Work happiness is maximizing your productivity while adding an hour of free time each day to balance your happiness and career.

Fuel Your Career
In addition to having purpose and boosting your productivity, you also need to fortify your career. Taking initiatives, finding new projects, taking a new workshop and leading your colleagues will give you the intention and confidence to produce positive change in your work.

While it’s enriching to find new projects, it’s important at the same time not to spread yourself too thin. Hard workers are also selective in what they do — they need to pick the right tasks that align with their goals and prevent themselves from depleting their resources.

Finally, you learn best when you have some guidance. Hard work doesn’t mean you need to tackle your career by yourself. Finding mentors and learning from people who inspire you will provide the passion and discipline to drive you toward your goals.

What’s the best way to learn to be a better hard worker?

Podcasts are a great content form, as many entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals have experienced the same struggles and share their experiences so others can succeed. Check out the following infographic from BigRentz on the best podcasts to help you work harder and happier. With tips such as morning habits, finding your passion, and improving your health, these podcasts will help you get up everyday with that excitement and hunger for hard work.

Here are some fabulous podcasts to get you inspired

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Photo: Aditya Wardhana (Unsplash)

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