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Insights and articles on Change Management. What are the principles, what are necessary skills of change agents? Read about great examples of change management and make it happen.

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Innovation Management: How can we introduce innovation into the DNA of 21st century companies?

Employees struggling with their daily work ‘don’t have time’ to take a more creative approach in their company. Despite numerous Design Thinking workshops and Hackathons, most traditional companies fail to develop a culture of innovation. Yes, innovation is failing!

But, even if we are clearly aware of the dire need to promote innovation, why is this not taking place? What can we do to create an innovation mindset in the organization, starting today?

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Getting Agile Transformations Right

Mario Brückner, Management 3.0 Facilitator and author of Living Transformation®, shares some key insights he has gained from years of experience accompanying organizational transformations in businesses in a range of industries around the world. Despite their heterogeneity, he observed distinct patterns – particularly of dysfunction – common to all these organizations. Knowing about these may help you in your endeavor of getting agile transformations right!

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Lean Change Management by Jason Little, a new approach to change management

by Jason Little I’ve cited this study about change initiative failuresand also questioned its validity. I have observed that the core problems change management professionals and Agile coaches run into are (a)the projectification of highly uncertain pieces of work and (b)how organizations measure performance.These approaches work actively against the success of change initiatives. The ‘pieces of work’ I...

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