The Results of Experimenting with Management 3.0’s Scoreboard Index

- Practices & Exercises

by Sari Linder

This is part two of a two part blog series. Read Part one here

Last time we explained our an in-depth experiment into using Management 3.0’s Scoreboard Index and how it could benefit teams and companies. This time we’re keeping it short but to the point as we wanted to present the findings of that experiment.

Results and Analysis

The metric values for the contribution and engagement goals are in the following table:

In general, the engagement and contribution indexes fluctuate in roughly the same way and the main message is:

Engagement increases with an increase in contribution

  • In August 2018, the contribution (6.7%) is low but the engagement (75.37%) is high. The reason behind this is the use of three LinkedIn campaigns in that month.
  • In October that year, both the contribution (106.25%) and the engagement (70.37%) were high. This is the month where Agile Gothenburg distributed the message and takeaways from the Agile People Sweden Conference.
  • In November, the contribution (16.52%) is relatively low. However, the engagement (138.76%) is quite high. The reason is that Agile Gothenburg onboarded a new, well-connected volunteer in November.

To conclude

A scoreboard index is an excellent tool for measuring and visualizing performance and improvement. The Agile Gothenburg would benefit from regular marketing campaigns, involving bigger events, and collaborating with well-connected individuals in the community.

Photo Credit: Element5 Digital via Unsplash

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