Bring Management 3.0 Back to the Office

You’re motivated to enact change management in your organization by increasing employee engagement and team collaboration. Whether you are a manager or team member, you recognize the need for change and you are starting to recognize your ability to affect that change from within. You’re dissatisfied with the status quo. This is wonderful and more than half the battle!

At Management 3.0, we not only give you all-star leadership workshops that help you grow your communication and collaboration skills, we give you the tools to take it all back to the office with you. We are constantly looking to grow what we can offer you to make your business transformation easier. That’s why we offer you a collection of Management 3.0 books and games to take back to your team. After all, team unity and learning often come from playing.

Management 3.0 Books

workout-book-cover #Workout: Games, Tools & Exercises to Engage People, Improve Work and Delight Clients

Author: Jurgen Appelo
Language Available: English
ISBN: 978-9492032027

Now out of print, awaiting rerelease with Wiley as Managing for Happiness (ISBN: 9781119268680)

Management-3.0-agile-management-book-coverManagement 3.0: Leading Agile Developers, Developing Agile Leaders

Author: Jurgen Appelo
Languages Available: English, Chinese
ISBN: 978-0321712479


how-to-change-the-world-change-managementHow to Change the World: Change Management 3.0

Author: Jurgen Appelo
Languages Available: English, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish, French, Japanese
ISBN: 978-9081905114

Management 3.0 Games & Exercises

Kudo Cards

Language Available: English




delegation-poker-cardsDelegation Poker

Language Available: English




Moving Motivators

Language Available: English




Exercise - Meddlers (2 teams)Meddlers

Language Available: English




Improv-Cards-thumbnailImprov Cards





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